WWII era Japanese sword made by Tomita Sukehiro.
Tomita Sukehiro was a well-known smith who was a part of the Kato family of swordsmiths. His birth name was Tomita Shotaro and he was born in 1901.


Excellent condition                                                                                                                                                

24.5″ Length – 7mm thickness – 3.2mm width – Chu-Kissaki – Boshi is Komaru – Masame Hada – Hamon is Suguha

~ Rikugun Jumei Tosho (Army Certified Swordsmith) swordsmith. To become Rikugun Jumei Tosho, a swordsmith had to pass tests and examination of his blades. 
~ Received a Special Honor winner of the 6th Shinsaku Nihonto Denrankai, 1941     
~ Received Kurihara Hikosaburo ranking of JOJO SAKU in 1942


REFERENCE: Gendai Toko Meikan – Pg. 78 ; Hawley Japanese Swordsmiths – SUK 689 ; Toko Taikan – TK 339 ; Nihonto Meikan – NMK 496


WWII Army veteran bring back. Friend was killed by this Japanese soldier. He shot at the Japanese soldier while he was running away. His bullet hit the sword and the Japanese soldier dropped it. He picked it up and brought it back.


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Rikugun Jumei Tosho

WW II Japanese sword, gunto mounts

WWII Japanese swordsmith

Jojo saku, 1 million yen ranked swordsmith

Jojo Saku ranked in 1942

Nakago, 2 character signature. No stamps.

Special Honor winner of the 6th Shinsaku Nihonto Denrankai, 1941

Sukehiro Mei closeup

sword tang


Metal graining

Masame hada

hardened edge

Suguha hamon


August 23, 2018

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