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I am passionate about art, antiques & wine and the stories behind them. I believe in not only providing you accurate and timely information about who made your items, but where and how they were made. My goal is to educate and help you solve all of the important questions you have regarding your possessions.

This is achieved through detailed discussions with you about your needs, ongoing training on appraisal methodology, extensive & specialized education at workshops, conferences and online platforms. Only after proper identification and thorough research, reports are written to ISA and USPAP standards, in terminology that you can understand.

Emerald Art Services LLC provides all forms of personal property consulting and appraisal services. Need a speaker? Lectures are available on a variety of topics from art, wine and antiques to insuring personal property and the appraisal profession.

Emerald Art Services, LLC

- From the business you own... to the house you live in... to the jewelry you wear... to the art on your walls... to the wine in your cellar... you need to know what your property is worth.

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