Ongoing risk assessment is imperative

I often receive calls from insurance companies to assist them with identification, valuation and restoration on all types of contents from comic books, dolls, record albums and musical instruments to juke boxes, artwork, books and wine! 

I recently finished up another water damage claim this time involving a retail art gallery. A number of pieces of artwork were damaged. Prints, photographs, pastels, watercolors, collages and African art were all affected because of roof drain problems. 

water damaged art

      Artist signature and annotations show ink bleed

Whether you own your own building or lease your space, conduct periodic inspections of the property. Pay attention to the structure, ceilings, floors, doorways, pipes and HVAC. Fix any problems that you find right away or notify your landlord or property manager if you find something amiss. You may be preventing damage like this and helping to keep your insurance costs under control!

photograph restoration

      Water damage to reverse of framed photo

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