Insurance Services

Given the sheer diversity of what constitutes personal property, the need for specialists with the expertise in specific areas such as, fine art, collectibles, antiques and wine is essential. Mr. Drugan has over 26 years’ experience in claims, art restoration and law enforcement and is uniquely positioned to provide Insurance Agents, Underwriters, Risk Departments, Adjusters, Special Investigation Units and Legal Departments industry specific consultation on a wide variety topics including:

*Appraisals to obtain insurance

*Fine art and collectible appraisal reviews (Do you know what you’re insuring?)

*Art & Wine collection specific risk assessments i.e. environmental, security, the object itself.

*Loss valuations: Wholesale, market value, replacement cost, salvage and diminished values can be researched.

*Cause and origin determinations regarding damages to paintings, paper, ceramics, glass, sculpture, photographs and wine.

*Replacement of artwork, collectibles and wine.

*Litigation Consulting

*Art theft recovery assistance through market knowledge and industry contacts, background checks, asset tracking, skip tracing and numerous other means.

*Liquidation of Art and Collectible salvage. From paintings, prints, books, ceramics, sports collectibles, comic books and dolls, to record collections and wine, we will assist you in finding the highest possible return for your salvage.