Online Appraisal Terms and Conditions

The Emerald Art Services, LLC agrees to provide a Restricted-Use Appraisal for the item of personal property submitted online by you, the client. A market value range will be researched for the sole use of the client for the intended use of contemplated sale, purchase or personal planning. Use by third parties such as insurance companies, auction houses, courts of law or the IRS is strictly prohibited. Use by any third party will render this appraisal null and void.  Because of limiting conditions such as inspection by digital image, incomplete or inaccurate descriptions provided by the client, time constraints, budgetary constraints, and/or the limited research resources available, the amount and type of information researched and the analysis applied to the findings is limited. An online appraisal is largely based on critical assumptions, any of which, if proven to be incorrect, could render the value conclusion inaccurate. An appraisal conducted solely by the use of descriptions and images provided by the owner is less reliable than a personal inspection by a qualified appraiser. Appraisals based on thorough research will at times differ from values based on little or no research. The client agrees to assume the risk of such appraisals and holds the appraiser free of any form of liability in providing these.

The client declines the services of the appraiser or other experts to prepare a formal, fully researched and written appraisal at the additional cost; and recognizes that the appraiser is a Fine Art Appraiser and not a specialist in general residential contents.

The appraiser reserves the right not to provide an Online Appraisal for certain items if the authenticity of the piece would significantly affect the value or he lacks sufficient competency and/or adequate market knowledge or experience.

Emerald Art Services’ online appraisals comply with the ISA Report Writing Standards and Code of Ethics, as well as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and will be delivered electronically only, within 3 business days.

Appraisal services to determine specific values or for other intended uses, can be negotiated with the appraiser under a separate contract.