See What Our Clients Have to Say!

People really enjoyed your presentation today! You are so patient and kind!

~Heidi S. (Hudson Senior Network Foundation)

“Thank You Cris – very impressed with your work!

~ Lynn B.

“I appreciate all of the work that you put into this!  Especially considering the limited amount of information that you had to work with.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone, as well as referring to you again when needed for your line of work and expertise!”
Alan W.

“I was seeking advice on a watercolour that I own from a local artist and Chris was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I found him to be very professional. His teams knowledge will enable me to sell a picture in Ohio where it belongs. Thank you everyone at Emerald for your help. YOUR TEAM ROCKS!”

~ Lynda L.

“How can I begin to adequately thank you for taking the time…to bring your expertise in examining my painting. What an honor it was to watch you and listen to you…truly a student before the presence of a Master!”

Most Sincerely,

Fr. Sam C.

Immaculate Conception of Mary Parish, Akron, Ohio

Dear Cris,

Thank you for coming to Heidelberg University’s Beeghly Library to conduct an appraisal of our donated medieval manuscript leaves and our donated prints and lithographs. I appreciate your work while you were here and the research and time it took to write the thorough report you sent us both in hard copy and digital copy. The report has allowed us to better insure our collection and to consider our next steps with our collection. I also greatly appreciated our working relationship–you were quick to respond, open with your process, and completely friendly and professional. The report was delivered to us ahead of schedule, too. I am happy to recommend you to other people and organizations in need of appraisal services.

Nainsi J. Houston, PhD, MALS
Director of Library Services

” Dear Cris,

Thank you so much for completing this research work so thoroughly & professionally. It was a great pleasure to work with you on this assignment.

Best Regards,”

Ken F.

Forsyth Fine Art – Cobourg, Ontario, Canada



Dear Cris,

Thank you for traveling to South Carolina to conduct an appraisal of the Diocese of Charleston. We really enjoyed working with you and we greatly appreciate your professional presentation, appraisal work, research and follow-up with us.

Your thorough and information appraisal report will help us to insure that we have properly insured the items in our properties. I appreciate of your willingness to meet at the sacristy to take a look at some additional items. You were most gracious to that even though it was on the list of places to go. Thanks, too, for the helpful advice you offered the Tribunal staff regarding the best care of framed pieces. I hope they change their prints to acid-free mats!

You’ve helped us to raise our understanding of the value of having a proper appraised value for insured items. While we have learned that we did not possess any rare treasures, nonetheless want to properly insure the items that are priceless to us.

Many, many thanks for your time and effort (and patience!) to help us accomplish this project. If we ever get going with a diocesan appraisal, I hope you will consider working with us.

Lisa M. Rawlings, Director of Planning

Dear Cris,

Please accept this letter as appreciation for your professionalism and discretion during the recent theft of cultural property that occurred on the main campus during the weekend of February 12th 2012.

During the weekend in question suspects entered a secure building on campus overnight. While inside the building the suspects removed an oil on canvass painting by artist James R. Hopkins. The painting was a portrait of Charles E. MacQuigg. Both the artist and the subject in the painting are historical figures of the Ohio State University. As such the theft of this property was felt throughout the university community.

Due to the professionalism and excellent leadership within Ohio State’s division of police, this painting was quickly recovered. During the investigation we learned that this painting did not possess a formal valuation. In addition, as a result of the theft, damage occurred to this portrait as well. As you are aware in order to file the appropriate charges against the suspects, investigators must know the value of the item and the restoration cost associated with making the university whole as the victim of this crime.


Having worked with you in the past on committees and training opportunities within the cultural protection circles, I naturally reached out to you and the assistance of the company you founded, Emerald Art Services. Your comprehensive analysis of the artist and portrait in question were invaluable during this criminal investigation. Your findings allowed the university to responsibly place value on the portrait allowing investigators to seek the appropriate charges with the prosecutor’s office.

I have great respect for the service you provided the Ohio State University and look forward to working with you in the future on our missions to protect cultural history.

Douglas McGrew, CIPM

Dear Cris,

Thank you for agreeing to come to our district to conduct an appraisal on a donated piece of artwork. Your professionalism and quick follow-up was greatly appreciated.

The thorough report you submitted allows us to better understand exactly what we possess and to better appreciate its significance and beauty. We also appreciate your offer of cleaning and prevention of any long-term damage or deterioration.

With the possibility of obtaining more artwork in the near future, I look forward to working with you on upcoming appraisals.

Don J., Procurement Supervisor