Wine Collection Services

What’s in your cellar?

Wine collections present their own unique collecting strategies. Personal taste, storage, and budget are a few factors to consider when building a cellar of breadth and diversity. In addition, wine is a living and breathing produce constantly changing with time. Collection management is critical to assist you in pairing your next dinner with that perfect bottle of wine and reduce the chances of your special bottle going bad.

Wine Cellar Management: Having an organized cellar allows you to put your hands on that special bottle in a moment’s notice.  It also helps to prevent bottles from going bad by keeping the bottles that are ready to drink close at hand, while the age worthy bottles are stored aside, awaiting their optimum time. Cellar inventories provide you with the Wineries, Varietals, Vintages and Quantities currently in your cellar enabling you to track your favorite bottles and see what needs replaced. We can provide several database options and assist in maintaining your home or commercial cellar.

Wachau Valley - Austria
Wachau Valley – Austria

 Do you know the value of your cellar?


Upon release, a bottle of 1995 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon cost $125 at the winery. In December 2016 that same bottle sold at Christie’s NY for $2,940!

There are many reasons for restaurants, hotels and collectors to know the value of their wine collection.  A proper value ensures that you will be adequately compensated in the event of a covered loss. But insurance isn’t the only reason to know the value. From selling or purchasing bottles, to charitable contributions, relocation, bankruptcy, estate taxes, estate planning, prenuptial agreements, divorce, damage claims or business valuation, current value allows you and your other investment, tax and legal advisers to make more informed decisions.

Wine Cellar Appraisals: A number of values can be investigated depending on the intended use of the appraisal. Market Value, Fair Market Value, Replacement Cost, Liquidation Value, Salvage Value, Net Value, among others, can be determined. Wines purchased years ago could have appreciated greatly. Values should be updated every few years to keep up with current trends in the market. All appraisal reports comply with The Appraisal Foundations USPAP standards and the standards set up by the International Society of Appraisers.

Additional Services Include: Damage origin & cause investigations, cellar design and appraisal reviews.

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