National Book Lovers Day – Aug. 9

So here’s one “for the books”…

This past may, #ForumAuctions in the UK offered a – Rowling (J.K.) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, first edition, first printing, 1997, with an estimate of $25,468 – $38,202.

So why is the auction estimate so high? According to #TheMirror, it is one of only 500 copies of that particular edition printed – the first time the wider world met #HarryPotter – and two years ago one sold for more than $72,800.

Out of the 500 copies printed, it’s believed that about 300 of them went to libraries, so that leaves us wondering, could you perhaps have borrowed a library copy and never brought it back? Or could you have one of the other 200 copies?

Here’s how to tell if your copy is worth a pretty penny:
1) Check out page 53 where “1 wand” appears twice in list of things Harry should bring to Hogwarts.
2) On the title page, you should check for a print line that reads 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and the crediting of “Joanne Rowling”, instead of JK.

If you’re not lucky enough to have one of these very rare copies of the book, fear not because some other less rare editions of the book are still selling for hundreds, even thousands depending on their condition. It’s definitely worth seeking out your Harry Potter collection and doing some research.

I almost forgot. What did it finally sell for? $44,323.00

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