Gendaito Japanese Sword – Nagamitsu


Japanese sword (Gendaito) made by Ichihara Ichiryushi Nagamitsu worked during the 1940’s.

Late 1944 type 3 “Marine mounts” – 26 3/8″ Length – 6.5 mm thickness – 3.5 cm width – Hamon is Suguha/choji-midare


Overall condition: Good

Issues: Fingerprints, 1/8” chip off the tip of the kissaki 


~ Rikugun Jumei Tosho (Army Certified Swordsmith) swordsmith. To become Rikugun Jumei Tosho, a swordsmith had to pass tests and examination of his blades*

~ Participant in the first Army Shinsakuto Exhibition held in 1944*

~ Member of the Rikugun Gunto Gijutsu Tenrankai*

~ Nagamitsu blades have been awarded Shinteisho origami by the NTHK and have also received Hozon origami from the NBTHK in Japan*

On many Ichihara Nagamitsu blades the “naga” Kanji is written with only two horizontal strokes. It is my belief that this is a “trademark” of Ichihara Nagamitsu and an important kantei point in distinguishing his blades from those of other swordsmiths who signed Nagamitsu during this period.* 

Nagamitsu gendaito

“naga” Kanji is written with only two horizontal strokes

Marine landing forces sword

2 character mei

Sword tang

Full nakago




Hardened edge


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September 26, 2018

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