The Diocese of Charleston

Posted on April 15, 2013

Dear Cris,

Thank you for traveling to South Carolina to conduct an appraisal of the Diocese of Charleston. We really enjoyed working with you and we greatly appreciate your professional presentation, appraisal work, research and follow-up with us.

Your thorough and information appraisal report will help us to insure that we have properly insured the items in our properties. I appreciate of your willingness to meet at the sacristy to take a look at some additional items. You were most gracious to that even though it was on the list of places to go. Thanks, too, for the helpful advice you offered the Tribunal staff regarding the best care of framed pieces. I hope they change their prints to acid-free mats!

You’ve helped us to raise our understanding of the value of having a proper appraised value for insured items. While we have learned that we did not possess any rare treasures, nonetheless want to properly insure the items that are priceless to us.

Many, many thanks for your time and effort (and patience!) to help us accomplish this project. If we ever get going with a diocesan appraisal, I hope you will consider working with us.

Lisa M. Rawlings, Director of Planning