The Ohio State Univesity

Posted on April 15, 2013

Dear Cris,

Please accept this letter as appreciation for your professionalism and discretion during the recent theft of cultural property that occurred on the main campus during the weekend of February 12th 2012.

During the weekend in question suspects entered a secure building on campus overnight. While inside the building the suspects removed an oil on canvass painting by artist James R. Hopkins. The painting was a portrait of Charles E. MacQuigg. Both the artist and the subject in the painting are historical figures of the Ohio State University. As such the theft of this property was felt throughout the university community.

Due to the professionalism and excellent leadership within Ohio State’s division of police, this painting was quickly recovered. During the investigation we learned that this painting did not possess a formal valuation. In addition, as a result of the theft, damage occurred to this portrait as well. As you are aware in order to file the appropriate charges against the suspects, investigators must know the value of the item and the restoration cost associated with making the university whole as the victim of this crime.


Having worked with you in the past on committees and training opportunities within the cultural protection circles, I naturally reached out to you and the assistance of the company you founded, Emerald Art Services. Your comprehensive analysis of the artist and portrait in question were invaluable during this criminal investigation. Your findings allowed the university to responsibly place value on the portrait allowing investigators to seek the appropriate charges with the prosecutor’s office.

I have great respect for the service you provided the Ohio State University and look forward to working with you in the future on our missions to protect cultural history.

Douglas McGrew, CIPM