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Because Personal Property Appraisers are not licensed by the state, it is important that you carefully screen the appraiser that will work for you. A professional appraiser is educated in methodology as well as experienced in the connoisseurship of art, antiques and the personal property they are appraising. This equates to less time on-site, more efficient and accurate research, a quicker completion time and less cost to you! Additionally, professional appraisers are accredited or certified by an appraisal association that regularly tests their members and holds them to a strict code of ethics and standards of conduct. Adherence to these standards provides for a defensible report that, if challenged, will "hold up" to the strictest challenges.

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- From the business you own... to the house you live in... to the jewelry you wear... to the art on your walls... to the wine in your cellar... you need to know what your property is worth. Use an accredited of Certified Appraiser!

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