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We offer a wide range of collection services to satisfy your needs…

Object Identification, Inventory and Condition Reports: Pieces in your collection are identified, inventoried and readily apparent conditions are noted in a customized report. Detailed, item specific, condition reports can also be prepared. Fine Art and Wine database software is available that can be managed by you or our staff.

“Walk-Thru” Consultation: Do you have a large amount of contents? Have you inherited and estate or collection? Set your mind at ease with what you have. Hidden treasures? You may never know. Schedule an appointment for me to conduct a walk-thru to look for those hidden gems. We can then discuss how you would like to handle these items… from obtaining adequate insurance, to donation or liquidation.

Age in Place / Downsize Consulting: As we get older there is a greater need and desire to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably. This may involve downsizing your residence or liquidating certain assets. We can work with your CAPS professional to identify your non-financial assets that would have value on the secondary market – Educate you on the secondary market – Propose options for the disposal of those assets – Identify what items would benefit from a formal appraisal – Assist in prioritizing your next steps in the process. *This is not an appraisal function and no values will be provided.

Litigation Consulting: Consultation in the early stages of trial preparation is most beneficial. We provide a range of litigation services supporting your legal counsel with the meaningful expertise necessary to solve your legal challenges. By choosing Emerald Art Services, LLC, we can;

  1. Identify case strengths and weaknesses
  2. Assist to sort, simplify and organize case information for the development of a compelling case theory
  3. Enhance the presentation of evidence and exhibits
  4. Examine special issues in the case
  5. Guide subsequent research

Insurance Coverage Reviews: Finding out that you are not covered or are under-insured for a loss is not a pleasant experience! Our professional partners can review your current coverage and make recommendations for adjustments in values and any gaps in coverage on your artwork, collectibles or wine cellars.

Security and Risk Surveys: Collections should be protected, not only from theft and vandalism, but from other environmental, natural and man-made hazards. The Heritage Health Index found that over 50% of collecting institutions have had their collections damaged by light or moisture. Excessive UV light, humidity, heat, cold, tornadoes, floods, poorly maintained HVAC systems and building design can all affect the integrity of your artwork or wine cellar. Our written survey will include both favorable and adverse conditions, along with recommendations for corrective action.

Provenance and Authentication: Provenance (ownership history) plays an important part in authentication. As a standard practice, provenance is investigated and reported in all of our appraisals. You may also need an authenticator. Authentication (determination that the work is by the artists’ hand) is investigated as far as “readily apparent identity” will permit. Further authenticity investigation is particularly necessary when dealing with high value works and works where the artist is known to have been copied or forged.  Authenticity investigations can be quite costly and will be discussed with, and approved, by the owner prior to undertaking this additional expense.

Disaster Planning: Special consideration is required to ensure that you are prepared for a catastrophic event that effects your art and wine collections. The Heritage Health Index reported that more than 80% of collecting institutions do not have a disaster plan that can be executed by trained staff. These collections have there own unique steps to triage and mitigation of the damage. As with machinery & equipment, specialized “pack-out” materials, movers and restoration experts are often needed to properly recover and protect these items. We can integrate a collection specific plan into your existing business continuity plan, or assist you in developing a stand-alone plan for your individual collection. 

Secure Transportation: Whether you are buying, selling or moving your collection, the security of your valuable assets should be a priority. Depending on the risk factors, we can provide a variety of temporary electronic, armed and unarmed security measures to protect your assets from the time they are packed for transport, until they are re-installed. If a more permanent security solution is required, a quote can be provided by one of our professional partners if requested.

Coaching:      ~~~~Ever had “One of Those Days”~~~~

How well did you perform that day?

Artists have “Those Days” too. Not every work by an artist is their best. Can you tell the difference? From your personal or corporate preferences and objectives, to market factors, negotiating skills and budget, we help the individual and corporate collector through the maze of elements necessary to make informed decisions regarding the purchase of your first piece of art or adding to your existing art collection.


Your involvement is essential in developing a successful collecting strategy.

Public Speaking: Are you looking for a speaker for your next group meeting or training seminar? Topics include: Art and Collecting, Wine and Wine Tastings and The Appraisal Profession, Downsizing and Age-in-Place. I have presented to Senior Groups, Insurance Professionals and Financial Planners to name a few. Call to discuss your needs for a function specific presentation. 

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